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Hair loss? This Could Be The solution

Hair loss? This Could Be The solution
                         These hair cells are the cells of the fastest growing in the body. When the body is under stress or disease, the hair cells can be switched off so that the energy is concentrated to help cure stress and diseases that hit.
According to the Academy of Dermatology, nearly half of the world's population began experiencing thinning hair that is mostly characterized by hair loss-at the age of 40. However, people with certain thyroid conditions are more likely to lose much of their hair long before the age of 40 years.
Thus, if you experience severe loss in the early 30s, for example, it could not hurt to consult a doctor to check the condition of the thyroid in the body.
The good news is that doctors can prescribe thyroid hormone to help your hair grow back, said Dr. Jennifer Landa, chief medical officer for BodyLogicMD.
The first thing you'll see after the treatment of hair loss is slowing, and then the hair will start to grow back, and will eventually grow thicker and stronger. But this could take several months.
Landa added, that if the patient had undergone thyroid hormone treatment for a certain period and did not get a result, these patients should undergo tests to measure levels of certain thyroid hormone called triiodothyronine.
Most drugs given to the thyroid is T4 (thyroxine), and most patients get good effect, he said. But, there are also patients who do not benefit from the drug.


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